VISION is a radiology company founded in 2001 by partners: Fabio Antonio Curado Azevedo, Nicolas Daher Vaz, Paulo Eduardo Zuccolotto of Assisi and Wilson Roberto dos Solomon Santos for the implementation, management, provision of medical services, outsourcing and training / dissemination knowledge in the field of diagnostic imaging in public health institutions, private and third sector

Vision offers people the quality of care, affordable and resolute manner. To achieve its objectives, focuses on the development of a cooperative relationship with the administrative sector, with the clinical staff and the multidisciplinary teams of the institutions, in search of assistance and financial results.

The medical profession now has dozens of professionals who are divided into teams in the various partners.

It offers expertise in their services through the residency course in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging authorized by the MEC at the Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control and authorized by the Brazilian College of Radiology / Brazilian Association Medica in Municipal Hospital Cidade Tiradentes-Carmen Prudente, both in Sao Paulo-SP.

Actively participate in the accreditation processes of partners, methodologies and ONA Accreditation Canada International.

Currently Vision is present in the following institutions:


  • IBCC – Instituto Brasileiro de Controle do Câncer; São Paulo – SP
  • Santa Helena Assistência Médica; São Bernardo do Campo – SP
  • Hospital Municipal Cidade Tiradentes; São Paulo – SP
  • Hospital Geral de Carapicuíba; Carapicuíba – SP
  • Hospital Santa Helena – Santo André – SP
  • Santa Helena Assistência Médica; Mauá – SP